Shin Guards For Muay Thai

muay thai shin guards

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When buying a pair of shin guards for muay thai, look for those that are mid-ankle high. They should not be any shorter than that. The same rule applies to knee guards – they should not be too long, otherwise they may come up over the ankle and cause injury.

A good guideline is to purchase knee guards that are about an inch higher than your natural height.


YOKKAO Matrix for Muay Thai shin guards are handmade in Thailand and constructed with premium cowhide leather. The design features triple-layer shock-absorbing foam and stress-resistant closure straps. The non-slip interior provides excellent grip and comfort. They are recommended for advanced athletes. If you are looking for an outstanding Muay Thai shin guard, look no further than the Yokkao Matrix.

You can buy a pair of Muay Thai shin guards with the help of the internet. You can also go to local gyms to borrow them. Obviously, this is not very hygienic, and gyms can only loan out a certain number of pairs. Fairtex are among the leading manufacturers of muay thai equipment. They are known for their attention to detail, and the Competition Shin Guards are no exception.

Sanabul shin guards are easy to put on and remove. The shin guards are thin enough to avoid slipping, but thick enough to protect your lower leg. A YOKKAO Matrix shin guard is not for every fighter, so they need to be properly adjusted. Sanabul shin guards can be re-adjusted if needed.

The best shin guards will provide a secure fit while retaining flexibility. Muay Thai low kicks use the shin bone and flat surface on the inside of the shin. Ideally, you need a shin guard that protects both of these places. Shin guards come in various sizes from small to extra-large. Different brands will have different measurements for different shin guard sizes.

When looking for shin guards, you want to make sure that they fit properly. The shin guard should fit snugly and securely without disrupting your sparring. You can check the sizing chart online to get a good idea of the proper fit. The size chart can also help you decide which size to buy. You can also read online reviews to make sure that the shin guard will be comfortable and functional.

Another type of shin guard is a traditional MMA shin guard. Unlike the MMA style shin guards, Muay Thai shin guards are more durable and comfortable. The padding inside is adequate and is also anti-microbial, so it will last longer. You can also wear a pair of Muay Thai shin guards while training.

Twins Special

When you buy Twins Special shin guards, you’ll have a choice between the competition style and the everyday version. Both are constructed of high-grade Thai leather, which is incredibly durable and lightweight. Twins is one of the biggest manufacturers of Thai boxing gear, and their gloves have won over many western boxers. The competition style shin guards are particularly lightweight, making them great for speed and manoeuvrability.

A quality shin guard will provide adequate protection for both your foot and shin. The foot padding is softer and not as thick, allowing for better flexibility. If you choose a foot guard, however, you need to make sure it is high enough to protect your foot as well. In addition, a good shin guard should fit snugly around your ankle.

When buying competition shin guards, look for multiple layers of padding. This will provide the maximum protection. While MMA shin guards are lighter, they do not provide the same protection as a Muay Thai shin guard. Look for a shin guard with multilayer padding, if possible. The MMA neoprene style is another good option.

If you’re looking for an affordable yet functional shin guard, try the Twins Classic model. These shin guards are made of the same quality leather and processed in Thailand. While not as durable as a Hayabusa shin guard, they’ll keep you protected for years. But remember that they’re not Hayabusa quality, and they won’t keep up with your training.

When choosing shin guards for your kids, it’s important to know the exact height your child needs. For example, some shin guards are higher than others, which can hinder their mobility. So, make sure to choose one with enough padding and the proper length to fit your child. This will help prevent injury during sparring. If you want to use twins special shin guards, make sure they fit snugly.

While some people use shin guards with leather edges to protect their children, many parents choose to use synthetic materials. While leather offers the best protection, synthetic shin guards are bulkier and lighter. They are also more affordable. They are also easier to clean and are much easier to move in. For more information, visit our website. This is an excellent resource for finding Muay Thai shin guards for your kids.


Yokkao has a reputation for producing great Muay Thai gear and these shin guards don’t disappoint. While they may not be the most innovative product on the market, they do have the features that you need. The front and side straps are tapered and come with dual straps and integrated piping for a secure fit. They are also lightweight and feature a non-slip inner lining that minimizes movement.

There are three sizes of shin guards to choose from – small, medium, and large. The latter should be chosen carefully – a large one is better for someone with bigger calves than a small one. A large shin guard may shift during sparring and not provide adequate protection. A small shin guard may also not provide adequate protection and might be uncomfortable to wear.

YOKKAO SP7 Muai Thai shin guards should be lightweight, with multilayered padding for maximum impact absorption. The price is slightly higher than the Fairtex SP7 Muay Thai shin guards, but the quality of materials used to make them is higher. These shin guards also resist impact to the ankle and calf.

A quality pair of shin guards should be comfortable to wear and not restrict your mobility. They should fit properly and provide proper protection without sacrificing mobility. The best Muay Thai shin guards are comfortable, light, and flexible. If they are comfortable, they will keep your shins protected while still providing enough mobility. If you’re not sure which one is best for you, check out the reviews for the YOKKAO SP7 Muay Thai shin guards.

While MMA shin guards have sleeve-like sleeves to keep them in place during intense scrambling, Muay Thai shin guards don’t have this feature. In addition, MMA shin guards have straps, which compromise mobility and don’t provide the same protection as Muay Thai shin guards. A high-quality pair of shin guards should be made from genuine leather or synthetic leather. Genuine leather shin guards are highly durable and offer superior protection against injury.

Fairtex Competition

There are many different types of shin guards available, but one brand stands out in the ring above the rest: Fairtex. Their competition style shin guards are made of high-density foam and synthetic leather. These are lightweight and comfortable, and the padding helps absorb impact. They’re made to be comfortable even after a full day of sparring.

One thing you should look for in a shin guard is the type of stitching. Fairtex competition shin guards are stitch-free. This is important, because stitching can catch on your shin, and it can cause damage. Luckily, Fairtex has a stitch-free design that doesn’t cause any irritation or rubbing. They are also reinforced at high-stress points.

You’ll find that Fairtex Competition shin guards are backed by some of the world’s greatest fighters, including TJ Dillashaw and UFC champions. You can trust them, as they’ll keep your shins safe for a year of intense training. The Fairtex Competition shin guards are a great investment. The company’s shin guards are also eye-catching.

You shouldn’t have to compromise comfort. The Fairtex Syntek Leather Shin Guards are incredibly lightweight, with a soft lining made of cotton stretch jean. The shin guards are made with a dual-layer shock-dispersion foam core and have a soft, grippy lining. The stitch-free design helps keep them in place without irritating your feet.

The Fairtex Competition Muay Thai shin guards provide excellent protection and healthy contact when throwing kicks at your training partner. The double-layered foam core provides great support for high-impact strikes. The dual-layered foam based padding provides high-density protection that doesn’t look cheap or flimsy. They also resist heavy strikes with high resistance.

For beginners, the Fairtex SP7 shin guards are ideal. These have thick padding to keep your shins safe, but they aren’t made of genuine leather. Whether you’re trying to spar or take a class, you’ll be able to find the right shin guard for your specific needs. If you’re looking for the best Muay Thai shin guard, look no further.

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